About the Chair

What is the Chair’s program of research about?

Over the course of five years, the research group, led by Dr. Jonathan Weiss, plans to identify risk factors related to mental health problems in people with ASD, address these factors and associated mental health problems using novel treatments, and study how people with ASD and their family caregivers access mental health care across the country. Good mental health translates into better outcomes for people with ASD and for their families, and to a reduced demand on our health care system, which benefits all Canadians. But we can’t do this alone. We have the support from many people with ASD, families, service providers, and governmental bodies.

Since the launch of this initiative in January 2013, we have been exploring various research areas related to mental health for Canadians with ASD. This has included studying the effectiveness of existing community interventions, identifying and developing treatments, and working with individuals with ASD, their families and service providers in the research process.

The Chair continues to look to the multitude of members of the ASD community to provide us with input on the direction of the research questions, how to best inform stakeholders of what we learn, and ways in which we can transform that knowledge into improved policy and practice. As the program of research has grown, this representation of stakeholders has expanded to a national level, and has provided us with valuable insight on how to improve the mental health and wellbeing of Canadians affected by ASD.

Overall Chair Objectives

The Chair in ASD Treatment and Care Research aims to work with various stakeholder groups including people with ASD, their families, services providers, and governmental bodies to:

  • Translate research to inform stakeholders about mental health and ASD
  • Study ways of addressing mental health problems in people with ASD
  • Train the next generation of Canadian ASD researchers and clinicians

If you’d like to learn more about the progress of Chair from 2012 - mid 2017, click here to view The Chair in Treatment and Care Research Summary Report.

Additional Resources

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1st Annual Chair Stakeholder Advisory Meeting Feedback Report (PDF)